Board of Directors

Carole Landis


Carole Landis, MSS, LCSW, CPC, brings more than 30 years of corporate and nonprofit experience to her psychotherapy and life coaching practice, and now the development of her new nonprofit foundation.

Through her background in healthcare venues, Carole cultivated skills in marketing communications, sales, consulting, clinical social work, counseling, and training professional medical staff.

She holds master's degrees from both Arcadia University and Bryn Mawr College Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research.

Her interest in social justice/action issues stems from her professional work advocating for survivors, i.e., victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, Holocaust survivors, and those living with HIV, and mental illness. She has worked professionally with physicians, nurses, trauma surgeons, psychiatrists, clergy, police officers, and attorneys.

Carole is an activist and supporter of women's rights organizations and has served on some of their boards. She is active on boards that support programs/policies that secure Amendment rights in fair treatment to all citizens and that seek to end discrimination, bigotry and hate against any group, regardless of race, culture, or gender orientation.

Carole has sponsored several No Place for Hate school programs of the Anti-Defamation League and sits on their Eastern Pennsylvania chapter board of trustees. She has been selected to sit on the ADL's National Civil Rights Committee. In addition Carole is a trustee for Jewish Federation, Greater Philadelphia chapter. She has been involved in their Committee for Social Responsibility and has helped develop strategies that support Holocaust survivors and the elderly, poor Jewish population of Philadelphia.