"Life's most persistent and urgent question is 'What are you doing for others?'"
Martin Luther King Jr.

IT IS UNFAIR... for children to be born or develop cancer, immune deficiency disorders, birth defects... for adults to contract HIV.

IT IS REPREHENSIBLE... that women and girls are victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, rape; women and children are trafficked as sex slaves - in this country, in this state, in our suburbs, in local malls.

IT IS UNJUST... that children and adolescents are bullied.

IT IS UNCONSCIONABLE... that over 11,000 Jewish households living in one region of Philadelphia alone, many housing the elderly, are living below the poverty line, and make choices daily to spend their funds on either medication or food, never having enough for both. Some are Holocaust survivors, and after all they have been through, they survive to yet again suffer.

IT IS EGREGIOUS... Prejudice, bigotry, anti-Semitism, racism, discrimination.

IT IS HEINOUS... HATE. Charlottesville, VA, Paris, Jerusalem, Brussels, Ukraine, Charleston, Orlando (and where next?)... are hot spots for hate.


Message from Carole Landis

The Inequities of Life

What does one person alone do about all these social injustices? I worked with numerous social issues in my earlier marketing communications career in the healthcare arena. However, my world-view evolved to a personally transformative, societal and real-world awakening with my pursuit of a social work career in mid life. As a result of my extraordinary social work training and internships, I became immersed in the social needs of diverse groups, counseling them, advocating for allocations and services that helped improve their lives. Far from a personal crusade, I worked side by side with psychiatrists, clergy, physicians, nurses, trauma surgeons, police officers, attorneys, attorney generals, and the legal system to help achieve social justice and social action for those in need.

From Advocate to Social Activist:
Evolving to Philanthropy

My philanthropy is about reaching out to others who have a need - whether personal or societal - always striving to make a difference in someone's life. It is all about compassion, empathy, healing, and transformation. Through my Foundation, I hope to give back to the community, to make some piece of the world or someone's life a better place to live, to lessen his/her burden.

Philanthropy should reflect the sum total of what a person represents, not necessarily measured in dollars or tangibles, but values. My values reflect a development of social conscience, the sacred action of service, and a strong determination to continue pursuing societal change and improving conditions for others.

Warm regards,
Carole Landis
Carole Landis