Social Action

Initiatives & Programs for Social Change

Funding for non-profit and educational institution programs

The discipline of Social Work lays the foundation for social change and justice. Through their roles as "agents of change," social workers carry out their profession as government legislators, researchers, therapists/counselors, social action advocates, teachers, healthcare workers, and leaders of nonprofit social agencies.

Whether they are working on behalf of universities or other socially-conscious private enterprises, these advocates for social action champion policy change to laws and legislation to stop victim trauma. In the process, they demonstrate compassion built on values and principles grounded in a shared belief system.

The Carole Landis Foundation is supportive of their efforts in our local communities, throughout Pennsylvania, or around the world. We provide funding and take an active role in deserving initiatives that seek to improve human welfare, deepen civic culture, and build understanding among community members.

Universities and Institutes of higher learning can influence social change through the establishment of new programs that champion policy change that results in laws and legislation to stop victim trauma. We aim to create a community in which every human being is treated with dignity compassion and respect.

Social Work Educational Programs
The discipline of Social Work lays the foundation for social justice, social action and advocacy to transform and change the culture, social institutions and inter-relational attitudes over time.