Be Grateful

The ancient wisdom-keepers and Mindfulness gurus say that when you practice gratitude daily, you will experience moments (or a lifetime) of joy (one cannot experience joy without gratitude).

Many of us have lost that connection - of what being joyful feels like.

The Covid pandemic has isolated us for such an inhumanly protracted period, that we are just now - since summer or September - coming out of our self-protection mode. Many of us have been guarded, fearful, angry - just "getting by", and not allowing the personal space to be in touch with our feelings.

But I look at the sun-dappled leaves on the trees and see jewels of splendid color and feel joy. I am so grateful for my vision.

I am grateful for the Covid vaccine which will save so many lives, including those of our elders, and children and grandchildren.

I am grateful we can be with our families again, and hug - and argue.

I am grateful that the world leaders have agreed to protocols to mitigate the ravages of climate change at the COP26 U.N. Climate Summit.

I am grateful we live in a Democracy. Though somewhat fractured now, we are able to form social service agencies and nonprofit and grassroots organizations to improve our communities. We are able to make our voices heard, and protest and vote.

I am grateful for opportunities of philanthropy. Our foundation has formed partnerships with other nonprofits and helped fund their sustainable programs that fight hunger, hate, racism, bigotry, anti-semitism, commercial sexual exploitation, and domestic violence.

I am grateful for our doctors, nurses, and first responders. I am grateful for our restaurant workers, Instacart food deliverers, and DoorDash drivers. And Amazon.

And I am so grateful for the mundane things, like everything pumpkin: muffins, bread, hand soap, candles and lattes. Oh Joy!

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