Foundation Supports October Social Action Programs
Domestic Violence Awareness Month
Walk Against Hate

Lutheran Settlement House (LSH) has one of the most inclusive domestic violence support programs in the area. Last year Carole Landis Foundation gave a grant for their IPV (Intimate Partner Violence) Counselor program at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. All medical and ancillary staff are trained in screening children and families at every point of entry of the health system for situations where there is violence in the young patient’s home. If the mother chooses to learn about safety planning and obtaining resources and services, IPV counselors stationed at CHOP are available to them.

Honoring domestic violence survivors this month, our foundation is giving a grant to LSH towards their Alice Hopeline Fund. The funding provides direct tangible support to families in critically dangerous and turbulent situations; victims often have to flee their homes with their children immediately, without planning. Funds are used to help survivors relocate to families living in other states, to help replace and repair items damaged by the abuser (i.e., slashed tires, broken windows, broken eyeglasses) and to purchase items left behind while fleeing to safety, (i.e., school uniforms, prescription medicine, clothing, baby items).

This program assisted 37 women in 2020, and 31 women in 2021.

In addition, this past summer, Carole Landis Foundation gave a grant towards Congreso De Latinos United, Inc’s domestic violence program. The agency’s trauma-centered services include a counseling and advocacy program for Latina survivors, as well as for children who have witnessed violence in the home between couples. The foundation’s grant provides emergency funds to help families hurriedly fleeing domestic violence. Urgent needs include essentials such as grocery gift cards, cribs, beds for household members, clothing, prescriptions.

Since July 1 2021, the Latina Domestic Violence program has served 1,102 victims.



Our differences bring us together at ADL’s (Anti-Defamation League, Philadelphia) annual Walk Against Hate, October 23. People from all backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs share the spirit to support diversity, equity and inclusion.

Our foundation is a sponsor of The Walk. Thousands of school students, families, neighbors, business leaders, community activists of all generations from across the region participate in this family fun event starting at the Naval Yard.

During Covid-19 last year, all 25 ADL chapters held The Walk on the same date, virtually. There was no group walk. Participants and schools formed their own teams. Participants could start in their own backyards, school yards, playgrounds, parking lots - or just walk around the block with neighbors, or pedal a peloton bike, or dance, swim, run, ride scooters or skateboards.

One hundred percent of the money raised at The Walk goes to diversity education programs, protecting against extremism, and advocating for a better world without hate. Over $3,500,000 has been raised by Walk Against Hate in this Philadelphia region since 2011 - all helping to advance the ADL’s mission to secure justice and fair treatment to all. Over 11,000 walkers have joined us locally over the years.

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