Honoring the Strongest of Women

While the country celebrates the contributions of women during Women’s History Month, we pay tribute to the women who are MOTHERS.

Tremendous barriers frequently stand in the way of their success. At the intersection of gender and race, inequities are compounded for female minorities, who continue to be denied fair wages and education and economic opportunities, challenging their drive to succeed in life or in their communities. Oftentimes, single heads of household, they struggle between doing "what is right" and doing whatever it takes to make ends meet.

Motherhood is sacred and reverent. Mothers are the glue who hold together families, advocate for their offspring’s rights. They kiss your booboos, wipe your tears, and place a star-studded band-aid over your wound. They discipline, scold, punish, in an attempt to teach what they perceive is "right." They are master jugglers of finances and hierarchy of needs, often turning pocket change into a quart of milk.

Mothers are resilient, resourceful, and fiercely determined. Despite perhaps working two jobs with 16 hour work days, many mothers live in poverty, and live with the shame that they cannot provide for their family.


Delaware Valley's five county area has an abundance of social services and skilled caring professionals who lead nonprofits that help mothers who struggle with family needs.

Lutheran Settlement House (LSH) is a nonprofit community-based service organization that serves over 14,000 women, children (and men) each year through program areas such as bi-lingual domestic violence services, adult education and employment, senior services, homeless services.

Our foundation has granted LSH funding towards their "Stop IPV (Intimate Partner Violence) Program" at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. When mothers bring their children in for medical care or to the Emergency Department, the staff are trained to screen the mother to determine how free-from-violence the home/environment is where she and the child live. IPV social workers are on staff to provide safety planning and trauma-based counseling and services to the mother and child if she wants it. LSH operates a Safe House, if the mother needs to leave with the children.

LSH celebrates its 120th anniversary this spring with a fundraiser: "Powerful Together: A Fishtown Feast" at Rivers Casino. The Carole Landis Foundation is a sponsor of the event.

CityTeam Chester is a faith-based non-profit whose vision is to help restore lives and rebuild communities through neighborhood outreach programs that help relieve the many challenges low income families face. They provide food, shelter, clothing, and vocational training. They serve prepared dinners seven days a week, provide emergency food boxes, fresh food, diapers, and formula.

The foundation has supported them for several years at Thanksgiving, paying for turkey dinners for multiple families.

The Foundation is a sponsor of this spring’s fundraiser "Angel Event". The contribution buys enough formula for one year for five babies.

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