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Carole Landis Foundation Partners with Trellis For Tomorrow with a Matching Campaign to Address Hunger

December. A time for rejoicing. Wonderful holidays and celebrations observed by different religions and cultures centered around giving, family, and preparing traditional meals. However, many in the five-county Philadelphia area struggle with hunger, and every day, their growling bellies tell them that today or Kwanza, or
Chanukah, or Christmas will be no different.

One in five children in America doesn’t have enough to eat - that’s more than 13 million children facing hunger in 2022 (Feeding America). In Philadelphia, 10.5% of its people are food insecure; 31% of Philadelphia’s children experienced hunger in 2020, and the statistics are growing. (Philabundance).

The Carole Landis Foundation has been a supporter of Trellis For Tomorrow for the past four years. Trellis builds resilient communities, creating and supporting youth-led enterprises and providing programs for youth of all ages to ensure the community has nutrient-dense food, sustainable organic gardens, and young people learning first hand the value of taking care of their neighbors.

In 2021, Trellis managed 25 organic garden sites that generated 33,549 pounds of organic produce and positively impacted 133,500 meals for neighbors in need.

Our foundation has supported Trellis for the past four summers by being a supporter of their summer Youth Seeds Enterprise and Seeds Skills Crew programs.

The CLF Foundation is partnering with Trellis for Tomorrow for a special December “Unite For Change” fundraising campaign. We will match some of the dollars donated to Trellis until December 31.

Charitable giving is a tradition, and part of the holiday spirit. Click here to support this cause.

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